Episode 323

ACF With Elliot Condon

Elliot Condon stops by the show to talk about his WordPress plugin, Advanced Custom Fields. We talk about his development process, modern WordPress dev workflows, and how Gutenburg will affect plugins like ACF.


Elliot Condon

Web // Twitter

Web developer specializing in UI & WordPress. Author of the Advanced Custom Fields plugin.

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  • 1:20 Who is Elliot Condon?
  • 3:20 What is Advanced Custom Fields?
  • 4:50 How ShopTalk Show uses custom fields.
  • 10:30 What was the development process like and how do you handle feature requests for ACF?
  • 14:30 Shouldn't ACF just be part of WordPress?
  • 16:10 How have you avoided technical debt?
  • 20:05 Sponsored by Rollbar
  • 21:15 The business side of WordPress plugin development.
  • 25:29 What are the pro WordPress developers using for a workflow these days?
  • 37:40 Sponsored by WooCommerce
  • 39:30 What about Gutenberg?

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