286: Content Strategy with Ellen de Vries and Robert Mills

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We're talking with two content strategy experts, Ellen de Vries and Robert Mills, about the wide world of content strategy. Or is that even the right word? Ellen has just released a book (published by Gather Content, where Robert is also a content strategist) in which she doesn't even use those two words together.



Ellen de Vries

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Robert Mills

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  • 6:00 Ellen talks about the book
  • 8:07 What is content strategy?
  • 12:28 Have you had to make a pitch for content strategy with a client?
  • 15:30 Is there a playbook for content strategy?
  • 18:50 Do only large companies have a need for content strategy?
  • 19:35 How do you figure out who your audience is?
  • 25:30 How could a podcast use content strategy?
  • 34:00 How do you change your content strategy midstream?
  • 46:10 Do you take into account error messages and other messaging within content strategy?
  • 51:11 What is Gather Content?