176: With Wes Bos

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This week we're joined by Wes Bos, author and web developer.




Wes Bos

Web · Social

Wes is a freelance full-stack developer and runs development courses.

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  • 19:15 What are your favourite coding application theme & coding font to work with? Its early days, and I have just made the switch from Coda to Sublime.
  • 29:10 I’m trying to make my workflow as modern and as sensible as possible to save me time and hassle. Using the command line is something I often hear recommended, but I’m finding it hard to find much about using it on a PC. Is this something that people do?
  • 40:00 I'm wondering if creative satisfaction is more valuable than money.
  • 48:20 I just discovered that Node IDEs exist, which seems a little unnecessary to me since text editors like Sublime seem to do the trick. Is it even worth looking into?
  • 51:50 I’m losing a ton of sleep over the idea of making a website that makes it easier to buy assault rifle parts. How should I handle this when politically my co-workers are on the other side of the issue?
  • 59:08 I was just listening to episode 173 with Andy Budd. The three of you were going back and forth about the hypothetical inaccessible follow button. That the whole debate was centered around this assumption that JavaScript off = accessible and JavaScript on (or rather JavaScript only) = inaccessible. Is that actually true?
  • 1:04:53 Is there approach you would suggest or any books that you would recommend on problem solving or any bogs to help me please?