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173 With Andy Budd

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Andy Budd

Web // Twitter

Andy is a UX designer and partner at Clearleft.

Show Description

Andy Budd is a User Experience Designer and partner at Clear Left in Brighton, England.

He joins us to talk progressive enhancement, Safari #hotdrama, Dave's new web app, and more.

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  • Jacob

    Good to hear someone stick up for Microsoft for a change :).

  • Jason Neel

    This was one of my favorite STS episodes, I think. But I’m not surprised as I seem to find myself nodding along with many of the ideas Andy and his colleagues at Clearleft advocate for, especially when it comes to things like progressive enhancement.

  • Nevan Elder

    BTW, from my understanding, past employers cannot give bad references, or say anything bad about the employee in question. I believe it is illegal in the US as well.. if not illegal, does set you up for a lawsuit.

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