150: With Vitaly Friedman

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Vitaly Friedman is the founder of Smashing Magazine.

Vitaly shared his experiences with traveling and working remotely, and online publishing. We also discussed Microsoft's new browser, designing for VR, holograms, and more.



Vitaly Friedman

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Vitaly is the fonuder and editor in chief of Smashing Magazine.

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  • 24:43 Microsoft's new browser, Spartan
  • 36:31 I’m planning to start blogging about web development. Do you have any tips on how I can drive traffic / increase visibility of my blog posts. Are there any web sites where I could submit my blog posts in an attempt to increase visibility?
  • 41:01 I currently use MAMP. I no longer want to use MAMP. Help me.
  • 48:06 How do you organize your LESS/CSS files and optimize them at Smashing Magazine? How about Javascript?
  • 56:23 Microsoft today announced HoloLens, its augmented reality-type headset, and there's the secretive Google funded Magic Leap project. There's also the world of VR: Sony is working on Morpheus and Samsung is partnering with Oculus. How will the web be consumed on these devices? How do today's web developers stay relevant, or will the role die off/merge with something else?