Episode 115

Bryan Jones and Guy Meyer

This week we were joined by Bryan Jones and Guy Meyer. They are the creators of the fantastic web development app Codekit.


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Bryan Jones

Web // Twitter

Bryan is the developer behind Codekit.

Guy Meyer

Web // Twitter

Guy is the designer of Codekit.

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Time Jump Links
  • 10:15 Wordpress mentorship initiative going on at http://wpmentor.org
  • 13:25 GiantConf blows up
  • 23:09 I use Grunt, but I also own a copy of CodeKit (1 & 2). I can never figure out a decent workflow: is there a plan for some Grunt integration in CodeKit?
  • 43:07 What are your thoughts on HTML pre-processing languages?
  • 49:30 What is your workflow when deploying from local to remote, and how do you handle working with another developer on a WP project, for version control especially again with the DB?
  • 56:22 Have you had any success or desire to template in Jade within Wordpress?

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