Episode 115 -

Bryan Jones and Guy Meyer

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  • 10:15 Wordpress mentorship initiative going on at http://wpmentor.org
  • 13:25 GiantConf blows up
  • 23:09 I use Grunt, but I also own a copy of CodeKit (1 & 2). I can never figure out a decent workflow: is there a plan for some Grunt integration in CodeKit?
  • 43:07 What are your thoughts on HTML pre-processing languages?
  • 49:30 What is your workflow when deploying from local to remote, and how do you handle working with another developer on a WP project, for version control especially again with the DB?
  • 56:22 Have you had any success or desire to template in Jade within Wordpress?


Bryan Jones

Web // Twitter

Bryan is the developer behind Codekit.

Guy Meyer

Web // Twitter

Guy is the designer of Codekit.

In This Show

This week we were joined by Bryan Jones and Guy Meyer. They are the creators of the fantastic web development app Codekit.


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