085: With Kimberly Blessing

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This week we were joined by Kimberly Blessing.



Kimberly Blessing

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Kimberly is the VP of technology at Think Company.

Time Jump Links

  • 6:17 CERN - The birth of the web
  • The first web browser
  • 16:02 What are your opinions on the nonstandard mozmm units? See also : Blog post.
  • 24:20 I was wondering if either of you have worked for a corporation maintaining a single large scale website, or if you have only worked on projects on a per client basis. If you have done both, which do you prefer?
  • 34:30 I’m trying to find some time to try some JavaScript MVC framework. Could you explain to a dummy what they are actually and in what cases I could use them?
  • 42:18 When I learned the basics of HTML markup, I learned to do it the XHTML way. While technically valid, should I finally let go of my XHTML habits? Should I make my markup look like all HTML5 markup?
  • 48:42 What kinds of things should I include in my online portfolio? How should I display them?