070: With Hampton Catlin

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This week we were joined by Hampton Catlin. Hampton is the inventor of Sass and Haml, the original creator of Wikipedia Mobile, and several successful iPhone applications including Dictionary! Hampton is currently building crazy new technologies to mobilize the web at Moovweb. We talked about (roughly in order):



Hampton Catlin

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Hampton is the creator of Haml, Sass and CEO of Wordset.

Time Jump Links

  • 19:20 Welcome, Recent Graduates by Mike Monteiro
  • 22:30 Tumblr got bought by Yahoo!, Flickr gets a re-design
  • 25:50 Jif, or Gif?
  • 27:45 The Pattern Rodeo at CodePen
  • 29:00 Do we live in a world wherein both “LESS” and “Sass” will continue to coexist?
  • 35:55 I recently got a copy of LiveReload for the Sass/Less capabilities. I noticed that it compiles other things as well such as Haml. I had never heard of Haml or Jade. What are your thoughts on these? Do you think they will gain in popularity or are they on their way down? Have you used them? How do you keep up with all the new frameworks and libraries and know which ones to use and which ones won’t last?
  • 42:36 What do you think is the best approach for coding/designing responsive modals or lightboxes?
  • 51:45 “I came across this tool yesterday that allows users to query a huge amount of client data server side.”