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RAPIDFIRE!! Pew Pew! SXSW hot tips, how best to handle website prototype build handoffs, the search for a better boilerplate, what the heck is the section tag for, and online IDE vs local development. PLUS Chris’ Dr. Claw impression.

Q & A

  • 3:20 What should a web developer do when handed off prototype builds of HTML/CSS/JS?
  • 8:00 Do you guys know of a better way to handle the distribution of our JS for this website?
  • 11:50 I’m a novice web designer. I have a site where I’ve made many changes/additions. I want to start fresh because I don’t know what ID’s, Class, script etc is used and what is not. What is the best way to start fresh!
  • 19:58 This is a question for everyone – just wanted to see if you guys have any general tips/recommendations for a SXSW first-timer?
  • 25:20 I’ve been looking for an html5 / css3 / grid-like boilerplate that uses ems instead of pixels. Do any exist? Can you recommend one?
  • 31:00 Online IDEs vs. Local Development?
  • 38:30 This has to do with the HTML5 section tag. The W3C says that it is a generic element tag, but not a generic wrapper. Will the W3C kill a puppy every time I add a background color to a section?
  • 44:30 I would like to know if you can style the HTML5 input “Range” slider to have one color for the portion that indicates the current value (the used portion of the slider) and another color for the portion indicating you will increase the value.



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Job Mention

  • codeview

    Lmao. What’s happening at the end of this recording? Good stuff.

    • Jason Neel


  • Leonardo Baptista Lopes

    Hey guys, I always loved the show, but I think you should do some fact checking on some questions beforehand. Document sectioning (outline) is a serious concern for machine reading, specially for accessibility, as it provides faster and more assertive navigation for screen readers, and I think the question was addessed a little misleadingly, as sectioning was basically dismissed as hard and “not important”.

    Also, I think the very question posed by the listener was a little misguided. The fact that a section is not a generic wrapper (and should not be used only for the purpose of styling) does not mean it shouldn’t be styled. Separation of concerns works here: the tag itself is semantics, but styling is a whole separate matter.

    I hope I didn’t seem rude, and that you don’t take me to be like so; I just wanted to emphazise how the quality of your answers, however irreverent, is the main reason I listen to you, and I think it’s the same for many, so I hope the quality keeps always up.

    Cheers from Brazil!

  • Jon McLaren

    Hey Chris, I suggest checking out CodeAnywhere, it’s an online IDE that I think might just surprise you with what an online IDE can actually offer compared to an offline one. I use CodeAnywhere all the time for client projects and prefer to use it when I can. They also have cool features like dev boxes which allow you to quickly and easily fire up vps’s to test and dev sites.