085: With Kimberly Blessing

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This week we were joined by Kimberly Blessing. We talked about (roughly in order):


Q & A:

  • 16:02 What are your opinions on the nonstandard mozmm units? See also : Blog post.
  • 24:20 I was wondering if either of you have worked for a corporation maintaining a single large scale website, or if you have only worked on projects on a per client basis. If you have done both, which do you prefer?
  • 34:30 I’m trying to find some time to try some JavaScript MVC framework. Could you explain to a dummy what they are actually and in what cases I could use them?
  • 42:18 When I learned the basics of HTML markup, I learned to do it the XHTML way. While technically valid, should I finally let go of my XHTML habits? Should I make my markup look like all HTML5 markup?
  • 48:42 What kinds of things should I include in my online portfolio? How should I display them?


  • 22:40 Responsive Web Design E-Book, $3.99 A collection of interviews, tips, tricks and some responsive sketch pages in one easy to download file. Learn from more than 26 leading responsive design experts across more than 80 pages for the price of an expensive coffee (otherwise known as a beer).

  • 40:08 Environments for Humans – Artifact Conf Nov 4–6, just outside of Boston. Tons of awesome workshops. Use “SHOPTALK” for $100 off!

More Kimberly:

  • Monsieur Perfect

    I love the discussion about portfolios..I wish you would have touched on this a bit more! Great guest

  • Benw36

    great answers and discussion for my portfolio question — thanks guys.