067: With Pam Selle

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This week we were joined by Pam Selle, a full stack developer in many languages and all around hacker from Philly. Pam works at AxisPhilly, teaches for GirlDevelopIt, and blogs at The Webivore. We talk about (roughly in order):


The Beef with Uncle Dave

  • 12:58 Recruiters. What on earth do these people do for a living?

Q & A

  • 15:40 Opinions about the use of :hover related to drop down menus
  • 22:57 I’m new to hackathons and not super great at code, what should I expect? Can I still get anything out of it or contribute?
  • 31:04 Client side templating vs server side templating: what are the differences and benefits?
  • 39:17 Resets vs Normalize (and frameworks)
  • 47:30 Problems with jQuery on a CDN
  • 53:57 Trying to put together a standard HTML/CSS/jQuery Framework – is it OK to mix bits and pieces of different pre-existing frameworks?
  • 59:15 “I fixed up my old site (which had tables) with newer code, but my site visitors still see half of the old code. Help!”


  • 27:40 Cotton Bureau – Submit a T-Shirt design. If approved, and you sell at least 25 shirts, it will be printed and shipped. All the hard stuff like taking money, shipping, and returns is taken care of for you.
  • 51:06 Environments for Humans – The CSS Summit is an online conference focused totally on CSS July 23-25. Three full days of training, advanced topics, and preprocessors. Coupon code SHOPTALK is good for 20% off.

More Pam

  • Marcy Sutton

    Do you guys fix cars? Ha ha!

  • keithwyland

    I have a thing on my thing… 😉

  • Pam Selle

    Typo! AxisPhilly not Axix Phily :)

    • Dave Rupert

      Got it! Thanks!

  • echozone

    The CSS Summit coupon code gives 20% rather than 25% when entered on an order.

    • Dave Rupert

      Fixed the post. Sorry if that caused any confusion!

  • Jason Witt

    Here’s a CSS reset/normalize mix I made that I’ve been pretty successful with.

  • aussiechris

    Thanks Dave for getting me to laugh my head off! when you did the aussie accent 😀
    – Chris, Melbourne, AU

  • Shea Bunge

    Surprise! Normalize is avaliable as a set of Sass partials, bundled in a Compass extension

    Just install it with gem install compass-normalize and then add @import 'normalize'; in your Sass files

    • Pam Selle


  • kcw

    Great show, fellas.

    more uzi!

  • Pat McKenna

    Thanks for making fun of my accent for like twenty minutes!

  • Stefan Hoard

    So about the hadouken….. anyone make any progress????

  • astrozip

    Hadouken! We need this, soon. EPIC!