052: With Niki Brown and Liz Andrade


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This week we were joined by Niki Brown and Liz Andrade, both independent web designers and developers who together form the Pagebreak Podcast. That’s right, another #CROSSOVER! We talk about (roughly in order): News’n’Links
* In true crossover style, we discuss the article Becoming Better Communicators. Q & A

  • When you build a site with WordPress, do you start with a starter theme? (_s, Bones, Roots, HTML5 Reset)
  • When to use min-width and max-width media queries?
  • What’s all the fuss about grid systems?
  • Is “the age of the developer” gone?
  • How do you handle CSS3 features that aren’t supported by IE. Specifically, flexbox.
  • Is using HTML5 sturctural elements bad? Sponsors

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  • – Over 77,000 videos teaching not just the web, but photography, business, 3D, and more. Use our link for a free week. More Niki


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  • CMD+Shift Design

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  • Liz Andrade

    This was so much fun, thanks again for inviting us onto the show!

  • Niki Brown

    Thanks for having us!

  • Dave Rupert


  • Eric Fernandez

    My simple WordPress starter theme if anyone is interested.

  • Faithe Emerich

    Just wanted to say that I loved listening to you all talk about not being able to settle on a starter template. I’m always searching for that “perfect” solution, then when I think I’ve found it, I tweak it until I’m like, “I just should have built this from scratch!” Thanks for validating my inefficiency :-) Love listening to the show– thanks for the hard work.

  • Tim Evko

    Thanks for answering my question guys! Your show is always a blast

  • Brandon Kidd

    Speaking of starter themes, I have been working on my own minimal theme using a slimmed down underscores template and the unsemantic css framework with adapt.js for responsive. I too found there to be so many things that I removed from other themes, that I would start my own. It is nto 100% ready but it does work well –