025: With Dan Cederholm

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This week we were joined by the legendary Dan Cederholm. Dan is the author of (dare we say) the best books ever written on CSS including Handcrafted CSS, CSS3 for Web Designers, and Bulletproof Web Design. He’s done some very high end client work, founded a few startups, and has done a bunch of speaking. Most notably these days, Dan is the founder and half the team at Dribbble. We talk about (roughly in order):

Hot Drama

We’re still talking about IE. But should we be?

News ‘n’ Links ‘n’ Followup

Q & A

  • How can you help (and how do you approach) responsive designs on existing websites?
  • He’s been out of the game since 2004, how does he get back in?
  • How do you charge clients for the fonts that you buy?
  • What is the back end of Dribbble?
  • How did Dan get the idea for Dribbble?
  • Will Dribbble allow for higher resolution shots?
  • What up with Dribbbleboard.com (stuff about API usage)
  • Will Dribbble ever do a conference?
  • Sure, “Just Build Websites”, but where to get feedback on those websites?


  • Environments for Humans have some great conferences coming up in Hawaii: In Control runs back to back with CSS Dev Conf. All three of us in this show will be there!
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