024: With David DeSandro

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This week we were joined by the talented design and developer David DeSandro. David was formerly nClud and recently joining Twitter in New York. David is known for some amazing projects like Masonry,, the 2011 BeerCamp site, and extensive documentation on 3D transforms. We talk about (roughly in order):



David DeSandro

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David is a designer and developer, and runs Metafizzy.

Time Jump Links

  • Paul Irish on IE's new updating plan
  • jQuery 2.0 (in 2013) dropping IE 8. And how it's probably not too big of a deal since you can load 1.9 conditionally.
  • CSS3 creeping in on JavaScript territory. Is it really? Do we care?
  • Why can't you inset text shadows?
  • Do you have to be the best of the best to work at a big company?
  • I think I might have a case of divitus.
  • Working on an HTML5 url input polyfill and need a regex.
  • Apps that have in-app browsers, are they just WebKit?
  • What steps do we take to ensure usability and accessibility? Resources?
  • What is the performance of Masonry on older browsers?
  • Who is your Yoda?
  • David is colorblind. (resource links)