315: CSS Blocks with Chris Eppstein

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Chris Eppstein is back on the show to talk about his new project CSS Blocks and how it works, what kinds of projects it's best for, and how it integrates with other frameworks on the web.


Chris Eppstein

Web · Social

An open source hacker and stylesheet architect at LinkedIn.

Time Jump Links

  • 1:22 Guest introduction
  • 3:02 GitHub Aquisition
  • 13:42 What's CSS Blocks?
  • 22:52 BEM and CSS Blocks
  • 28:32 List of major features for CSS Blocks
  • 33:22 Sponsored by Jetpack
  • 35:12 Is every instance of a button called analyzed?
  • 37:52 How does this work with Sass?
  • 42:27 Sponsored by Rollbar
  • 43:52 What kind of project does CSS Blocks work best for?
  • 50:14 The downside to CSS Blocks is...
  • 54:12 If you're shipping a bunch, do class names change randomly?
  • 58:32 You can't use the not selector in CSS with CSS Blocks
  • 1:04:52 What about Atomic CSS?