274: Vanilla JS with Chris Ferdinandi

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We're talking with Chris Ferdinandi about Javascript, specifically Vanilla Javascript, and what that means on the web in 2017.



Chris Ferdinandi

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  • 3:00 Why Vanilla in the name?
  • 17:10 AJAX vs Javascript
  • 25:20 Why should you get rid of jQuery?
  • 30:00 What do you use for teaching?
  • 33:00 It's not the removal of frameworks that we're worried about, it's the long term maintenance of the app that we're concerned with.
  • 34:50 Do you reach for a state management framework or start with Vanilla Javascript first?
  • 46:00 What about AJAX? Should I reach for Fetch?
  • 48:40 Is ES6 the obvious future?