268: Delivering Podcasts

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We've talked about how to make a great podcast, now we're back to talk about what's happening on the front end side of podcast websites and apps. What did Apple announce at WWDC 2017? What's JSON feed and why do we care? And where is podcasting headed?



Leah Culver

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Brad Smith

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Time Jump Links

  • 8:15 News from WWDC 2017
  • 13:45 Tell us more about Breaker
  • 21:35 What's the future of podcasting?
  • 31:05 Part 2 of what was new at WWDC
  • 33:50 JSON feed added to Breaker
  • 40:05 What should podcasters be doing?
  • 51:18 Does Timejump work across players?
  • 51:50 How do networks help a podcast?
  • 1:02:10 What's your feeling on podcasting in the short term?