249: News Publishing

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Our guest is Rebekah Monson of Whereby.Us - a company that creates media and technology products that help people connect and engage in their cities. Is using WordPress Multisite a good idea? How can a small team manage editorial, tech, and community issues efficiently? Is there any profitability in local media?



Rebekah Monson

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Rebekah is co-founder and VP of Product for WhereBy.Us.

Time Jump Links

  • 3:30 Introduction to Rebekah
  • 5:50 Introduction to Whereby
  • 10:50 Newsletter first approach for The New Tropic
  • 12:30 Using Mailchimp and designing the template for client
  • 14:50 Using WordPress for a media site
  • 16:02 Local news on the website
  • 17:50 Profitability in local media?
  • 19:51 Wastelands of Google Ads on local sites
  • 22:25 Replicating success and expanding and using WordPress Multisite
  • 32:50 Recirculating old content in the midst of new content
  • 36:20 Pulling together different taxonomies
  • 37:55 Creating a greatest hits package of your content
  • 40:35 The secret to using WordPress categories well.
  • 46:02 Building a guide that can be resold or advertised with.
  • 48:55 The different ways sites show you related posts.
  • 53:30 How to balance editorial, tech, and community on a business?
  • 59:20 Building quick, dumb things and try to make them better