083: With Florian Motlik

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This week we were joined by Florian Motlik. Flo is an awesome programmer an a co-founder of Codeship, a part of Techstars Boston. This episode is a deep dive into continuous deployment and automation.



Florian Motlik

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Flo is a co-founder of Codeship and a part of Techstars Boston.

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  • 13:08 I would like to use Git for version control, and set up a deployment strategy so I can stop going "FTP commando’, but terminal is a bit scary for me. Do you have any suggestions for free or one-off-purchase alternatives for deployment so I can get off FTP?
  • 20:50 Hey guys, I just did a little google-ing and found an FTP-post-commit-deploy-script for Bitbucket/Github. It works on public and private repos. I set it up on my server for a little project I’m working on, and so far it’s working great! I thought this could be a good tool for folks that don’t have a VPS they can setup Git on to still get on a version control work flow.
  • 22:40 What’s the best way to handle database synching? Is it possible to do it with version control?
  • 40:09 I have this site to build with about 30 pages, all one template. Where the line is drawn for static sites vs. CMS?
  • 52:27 I have been looking at several PaaS options out there such as Heroku, Appfog, Paogdabox, and Fortrabbit. I was wondering if those types of scalable web application platforms are best used for all types of sites (blogs for example) since they provide a level of control and scalability, or are they really just meant to be utilized on custom web applications that do a lot of processing server side?