062: With Brandon Mathis

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This week we were joined by Brandon Mathis, a web worker out of Birmingham, Alabama working for MongoHQ. Brandon is on the Compass team and is the creator of the static site generator Octopress. We talk about (roughly in order):



Brandon Mathis

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Brandon is a software engineer at IBM and the creator of Octopress.

Time Jump Links

  • (9:41) - Getting Started with Octopress
  • (26:32) - Regenerating sprites with Compass is taking 30 seconds, what gives?
  • (30:04) - Why doesn't Octopress use Grunt?
  • (33:58) - Should we be using placeholder selectors for every possible property/selector combination?
  • (43:17) - How should I go about grouping media queries? (Also see Brandon's custom mixins for media queries)
  • (53:00) - What is Dave Rupert?
  • (54:45) - How do you do that thing where you serve a very basic stylesheet to oldIE? (link)
  • (57:55) - Have we used any HTML preprocessors?