We’re happy to announce that ShopTalk has won the 2014 PODCAST OF THE YEAR .NET AWARD! Thanks to everyone who has listened and supported ShopTalk over the past two years. Your questions, sharing, rating, tweeting, live-chatting, and more has completely fueled our little indie podcast. Thank you.

Additional thanks to Aaron Dowd our audio producer, who makes us sound pretty. Trent Walton and Reagan Ray from Paravel, who help us look pretty. for letting us melt their chat servers for an hour every week. Thanks to our wonderful sponsors for helping us get this show out each week. Special thanks to Christopher Schmitt and Ari Stiles at our long time sponsor Environments for Humans who have supported us since the beginning.

And of course, thanks to every single guest who has taken an hour out of their day to lend us their heart and their brain, we owe you billions.

Thanks for everything,
Chris + Dave