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  1. Episode 256

    Civic Hacking

    We're joined by Ernie from Code for Miami and Mike Sarasti from the City of Miamia to talk about how local government can work together to open up data to enable developers to build amazing stuff that would benefit everyone. We talk about how you could get started helping your local government on the web and how the City of Miami has launched a new alpha version of their city website.
  2. Episode 253

    Rapidfire 84

    RAPIDFire except less rapid and more fire this time? We're talking support for @supports, should you do work you don't agree with? Should you use data URLs all the time? How would you spend two grand? Do we need to solve CSS or is it fine the way it is?
  3. Episode 209

    With Maya Benari and Hillary Hartley

    We get to talk with Maya Benari and Hillary Hartley from 18F all about how writing code for the US Government works - and ways you can get involved with your own tour of coding duty.