Google Reader, Sticky and Overflow, and Figma Thoughts

Chris breaks out his banjo, some thoughts on making music vs recording music, what happened to Google Reader and social reading, what black box properties can't Dave or Chris remember, follow up for dev teams communicating with designers, and what's Adobe going to do about Figma?


Text Sqwunch Property, Figma Developer Mode, Stripe Elements

Dave reports back from the Figma Conference, how to build a better developer to designer bridge, do clients really want to update their website, using Stripe in 2023, permissions and sharing, and are you feeling overwhelmed by CSS in 2023?


Searching vs AI, Getting Designers to Play Nice, and Web Components

Do you listen at 2x? Do Chris and Dave sound weird at normal speed IRL? How searching compares to using AI, chatbots kind of suck at context, getting a designer to work with developers at an agency, what happened to content visibility, and how to best build a design system using web components.


Haircut Maintenance, Dave’s Bookshelf, Lazy Loading, and APIs

We're talking Dave's new haircut, playing Hondo, what Dave uses for images on his bookshelf page, lazy-loading thoughts, vh vw follow up, eyeball tracking updates, loading website with js, Vue transitions, charging for API access, and do you cross post, one post, or no post on social media in 2023?


Apple’s Web Apps, Meta Quest and Vision Pro, and Missing Sticky Headers

How do you point out things in a UI? Are Arc Boosts the end of the web? What do you think of VR and AR / Vision Pro and Meta Quest? And what do you do when the sticky header goes missing?