Hey awesome person! Thanks for being on ShopTalk with us!

The Most Important Thing

The best conversations we’ve had (and thus the most compelling shows) happen when everybody can hear each other clearly. That mostly means good internet and a quiet environment to focus in. It’s ideal if you can have a plan to be in a place with reliable internet, no background sound, and relative privacy.

We may need to abort and reschedule a show if we can’t get a good connection and sound happening. A pain, but it’s worth it for all the fine people who listen in.


We record the show with Riverside which is a web-based thing that is free to use for you. It means you have to do nothing, the audio will upload as we record, but you may need to keep the tab open a smidge after we’re done to fully upload. It has the annoying requirement of forcing you to use Chrome.

We’ll send you a URL to the Riverside room shortly before the show over email.

Microphone / Headphones

It’s really splendid if you can wear over-hear headphones and talk into a microphone. If you don’t have a microphone, you can use the built-in Mic on most computers, but definitely toss on some headphones. The sound quality is way higher when it doesn’t have to deal with feedback.

Maybe even, like, go into your closet or something. Clothes are great echo dampeners.

Internet Tricks

Anything we can do to help with speed and latency issues, we should.

  1. Jack right into the router with an ethernet cable.
  2. Restart computer and browser right before we start.
  3. Pause Dropbox (or whatever other bandwidth-heavy services) and quit other internet-using apps. Slack is pretty heavy on internet usage these days.

Any questions at all…

Let us know, we can help. Just ask Dave he’s never busy or anything.