Sold Any Blogs Lately?

Dave has questions about CSS Tricks sale to Digital Ocean, what's involved in selling a blog in 2022, the tech behind CSS Tricks, liberal coding to accept more than you anticipate, hidden attributes in HTML, and Inert in Safari 15.4.

To Do Tree, TypeScript and JavaScript, RSS Favs, PWA-holes, and Sound Notifications

Do you even metaverse? Dave's got GitHub issues, building in 3D for the web, and should you always write in plain text files?

15m vs 30 Day Fix, Using Prisma, Infrastructure as Code, and Kirby CMS

We're talking Dave's 15m fix vs 30 day fix article, experiences with Prisma and Terraform, Edge becoming more popular than Safari, microbetting, and Kirby CMS.

Passing Props, Node Shipped Fetch, Digital Rot, and Making CodePen a PWA?

A bit of follow up from last episode on passing props, Node shipped fetch, intentional digital rot on the web, and how hard could it be to make CodePen a PWA?

Jim Nielsen Blogging, App Icons, Color, and Images

Jim Nielsen stops by to talk about blogging, writing a book on app icons, how he archives his part of the web, whether browsers are evergreen, future vs backwards proofing, color, and images on the web.

Pull Request Issues, Checking in Node Dependencies, Nuxt and PropTypes, and Less Decomposing

We check in with Pull Request Issues guy, should you check in Node dependencies, how to pick technology to learn, and what does Nuxt or Vue do for PropTypes?

Text Select in Notion, Safari Hot Drama, Writing in VS Code, and Other Browsers on Mobile Safari

We're talking Safari drama, wondering why Apple won't support other browsers on mobile, some solutions to writing in VS Code, and solving problems in isolation.

Cyber Pink, Configuration Based UIs, Deleting Twitter for Time, and Lurking in Discords

We're comparing our outfits, deleting Twitter, and lurking in Discords. And wondering about how much customization you should have over an app's UI? Do you expect it? Should it be driven by data instead of hand-coded markup? Is taking ownership of Babel transform a smart thing to do? What are design tokens, really? And how do we get to cyber pink?

Front-End Web Professionals Excited to Talk Front-End Web Design And All It’s High Dramatic Fashions

We're celebrating episode 500 by looking back at the previous eras of ShopTalk Show including why we started the show, how it's changed over the years, and how the tech and our lives have changed as well.

Melanie Sumner on Ember, Accessibility, and the Web

Long time listener, first time guest Melanie Sumner joins us to chat about her work on Ember, enterprise work, the importance of accessibility, and the web.

Prepping for 500, Git Journey, Git Hooks, Parcel CSS, and some Healthy Picks

Chris and Dave are speaking at An Event Apart Seattle - you should come! We've got some COVID updates, Chris' Git journey, issues with Git Hooks, Commit Lint, take a look at Parcel CSS, and pick some fav things.

The State of Native Apps and Web Apps in 2022 with Thomas Steiner

We're talking with Thomas Steiner of Google's Project Fugu about native apps or web apps. What is Project Fugu? Hardware limitations or requirements for using game controllers on the web. Working with new hardware API's. Reasons to choose a native app. As well as Thomas' SVG web app he's built.