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305 CSS Jitter

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Show Description

We're doing an old school RapidFire episode answering your questions on element queries, CSS helper classes, improving your design eye, PWA on desktop, frozen hover states on iOS, handling passwords for clients, and Lightbox alternatives.

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  • Raf

    I use to handle clients sensitive information.

  • Josh Schneider

    #1. Thanks Chris and Dave, for all you do. Also, (late) welcome, Chris, to Oregon!

    Enjoyed this show, and would love to hear a more in-depth discussion about particularly focused on BEM / AtomicCSS / Helper classes (CSS in JS being an entire other show or series).

    I’m putting together a design system, and the pain of organizing and choosing naming conventions and patterns is big. You started a healthy debate about “helpers” as “mortar” vs the purity of full-on systems, where you’re either all-in or maybe not gaining anything by picking and choosing approaches. Anyway, if such an episode already exists, please point me to it, or please think about more on this for a future episode.

    Also, Sitecore is a big ASP.NET CMS that we happen to use where I work. It is a big player in the “enterprise” CMS world, and is not at all affiliated with Microsoft, AFAIK.

  • Chad Passaro

    Sitefinity is the one we use at our company for .Net Development….. Which i hate! … but I totally a PHP wordpress guy

  • I still don’t get what the problem was about the Umbraco CMS?

    I’ve been developing in Umbraco since 2004 and I’ve never had a task that was not possible in Umbraco.

    If they don’t wanna host it then they can just use the Umbraco Cloud version. That way the CMS part will be hosted by Umbraco on their Azure servers and updating the CMS is just a click on a single button. So the rest is just up to their .NET developing skills.

    More info :

  • Dan

    Slick slider is pretty neat and has built in mobile support –

  • Eric

    I agree with Dave, there is purpose for “Utility CSS” and explicit CSS. We separate it out by component specific and non-component specific.
    Rounded Corners
    Primary Color

    Another reason to use utility for all spacing is to generate common whitespace, and then if I want to adjust the whitespace unit, from 6px to 8px I can do that and the entire website/app can be adjusted to have more whitespace. Very very handy, vs going back and changing every component.

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