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293 Preppin’ for 2018

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We're kicking of 2018 with a hot new episode covering ShopTalk's Magazine Corner, #DaveGoesAndroid, Chris goes to Bend, and our predictions for web development in 2018.

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  • Tim Buckner


    You mentioned a third party OS for smart phones and there seems to be one coming soon called


    I heard a special interview with Mark Hedge of Free Talk Live from the
    end of the January 02, 2018 podcast of Free Talk Live. He interviewed
    the founder of a new OS for smartphones focused on security. They have
    been fully funded on Kickstarter, so it’s gonna happen. Maybe not something to get in
    on now, unless you just want to make happen faster. But, I think it
    does deserve following.

    I am not sure how easy an OS upgrade would be to implement for the
    common user, so it could be a business opportunity for someone who is
    already in the field of fixing smartphones to offer updating to this OS
    as a service.

    Background on the founder:

    Gaël Duval (not sure how to pronounce that either) is the creator of
    the Mandrake Linux distribution. Updates to that Linux distro ended in
    2011 due to most of the programmers going off to create Mageia Linux
    which seems to be updated to this very day.

    The only problem I see, that is addressed on the Kickstarter page, is
    the fact that they are forking the Android software and Google may
    offer some litigation when they find out about the project. So, maybe
    we should support the kickstarter just for the legal fees that could be

    I’m not sure how useful this is, just wanted to get it out there before the kickstarter
    ends in case someone wants to support their efforts.


    Tim Buckner

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