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285 AI-Driven TODOs

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We start off on the magazine rack at the airport, move into AI and Machine Learning, refactoring a pattern library, Dave's working on his TODO's, and Chris enjoys Notion. Plus your questions about attr(), static HTML inside WordPress, cross browser testing, email data, rems vs pixels, and polite CTA popups.

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  • GregRobson

    If anyone is looking at the mail parsing is an option. I’ve not used it, but it seems to fit the requirements of the person who posed the question.

  • zothynine

    I found some kind of use for attr() when I tried to improve this:

    My solution for it:

  • Gary Hall

    On my wife’s website we use Privy for CTA. We have the free account so limited on what we can control, but we have a CTA to subscribe to her newsletter. I set it to come up after two minutes, which is around the average time in page according to GA. Or if they have scrolled 75% of the page, which means if they are reading the blog, they have read the content and now most likely are in the end matter of the post which generally does not change. Before Privy, the standard Subscribe box on the sidebar was not doing a great job of CTA, less than a hundred subscribed. After, we are just over 500 subscribed currently.

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