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282 Testing with Eli Brumley and John Reese of CrossBrowserTesting

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Eli Brumley

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John Reese

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Show Description

We're testing out a new episode with a couple of guests from CrossBrowserTesting who are here to help us understand what kinds of tests we should be running, automated versus manual testing, who should be testing, and how much testing of your website is really necessary?

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  • Thad Humphries

    I enjoyed this episode. However there are two things I didn’t hear, but am interested in:

    (1) testing asynchronous actions: Just in your login example, how long do you wait for server reply? Half a second? Five seconds? Practically all of my UI transitions cause or are triggered by datebase interactions. There’s a lot of variation in response time, and I’ve not found a good way to test this automatically (lot of ‘exploratory testing’ here).

    What I want is a test that triggers an XMLHttpRequest, and will wait till it completes–or a chain of XMLHttpRequests complete–before checking if some has changed.

    (2) testing headless: This was mentioned briefly, but what are the pros and cons? When should I use it, and how can Selenium help me here?

    BTW, I had a good laugh from of Dave’s blood pressure comment.

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