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275 History Repeating Itself

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We're doing a Q&A episode with just Dave and Chris covering questions about SVG projects, webpack, teaching your kid about CSS, Flash vs JS/CSS, and dividing up CSS stylesheets.

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  • Don

    YO! On top of your game gents. For teaching JS, HTML/CSS & jQuery, dis right here is among the best:
    Also Gordon Zhu at His ‘Practical JavaScript’ course rocks. Oh, did I forget to mention it’s FREE? No kickbacks, sadly…As a dad myself, I’d use these resources…but, truth to tell, can’t seem to convince my kids to wanna sit behind a computer all day..and they’re all gamers. Go figure… Well, as I heard Ol’ W.S.S.G. (Web Standards Southern Gentleman) was supposed to say: “I Declare, Just Make Damn Websites!”

  • E. Ramella-Paia

    Hey Chris, glad you got a new mic, today the show sounded great. No more loss of volume on your part. Thank you!

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