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273 On Sharing Links and Pricing

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Dave and Chris are answering your questions on this episode, such as: Do sharing buttons on websites work? Pricing for apps? Building things yourself versus off the shelf? API's and CMS's and headless CMS's?

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  • E. Ramella-Paia

    Hi Guys! Big fan of the show, I listen to you every week.
    This is just a little note in an effort to improve the audio quality of the show. I noticed that I struggle to follow Chris conversation but have no problem with Dave. Today I paid close attention to why this is and it turns out that Chris audio come out like a waive of ups and downs, it is if for the first few words of a sentence you are right here in front of me and then at the end of the sentence you go far away (the volume goes considerably down) and I miss the point…..:):).
    I listen to your podcast always with headset so I know it is not me moving.
    I am wondering if it is a technical issue with the mic or any filter on your mic that might overcompensate noise, or maybe you move in and out from the mic,….not sure, but I would greatly appreciate it if you could look into this and possibly adjust (if possible).
    Thank you again for all your good work and knowledge.

  • Gary Hall

    On sharing links, I maintain a WordPress site for my wife’s business and on our best day of 1,000+ views, the blog she posted got 25 shares on Facebook, and 200 on Pinterest (Twitter requires third party service for counts so we don’t track it). But normally I would say the combined count between Facebook and Pinterest is around 10 or so. But I’m going to leave them there because it is easier to keep something off, than to take it away.

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