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RAPIDFire except less rapid and more fire this time? We’re talking support for @supports, should you do work you don’t agree with? Should you use data URLs all the time? How would you spend two grand? Do we need to solve CSS or is it fine the way it is?

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  • 2:10 Dave mouthcodes™ a thing.
  • 7:40 Chris tries to not write CSS for a thing.
  • 12:15 Is it safe to rely on @supports alone yet for CSS related queries, or should we keep using modernizer for the next few years until more browsers actually support @supports?
  • 24:01 Thought: Who took the Judicial branch of the government off of the menu for The White House website?
  • 40:00 I just learned the basics of how to create and use data URLs to display images. Why would we still use the old way of displaying images? Are there specific times we wouldn’t want to use a data URL instead or any cons to take into account that I haven’t learned yet?
  • 48:18 What new tech toys would you buy with an extra two grand?
  • 58:20 I’ve recently seen a higher than usual uptick in people trying to ‘solve’ CSS because of what I’ve heard to be an inherent ‘global scope’ problem with CSS itself. How do you guys feel in regards to CSS being such a problem that it warrants the current proposed solutions I’ve seen in the wild?


ShopTalk Show Law Declarations

    • 1:05:10 Dave never backs down from blanket declarations.


Rollbar 38:10

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CodePen PRO 56:40

CodePen PRO unlocks asset hosting – Need to use an image in a Pen? No more awkwardly finding alternate hosting for it, you can drag-and-drop it right onto CodePen and we’ll host it for you.

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