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248 AMP

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Barb Palser

Web // Twitter

Barb is chief product officer at Relay Media.

Paul Bakaus

Web // Twitter

Paul is an open web developer advocate at Google.

Show Description

Getting AMP'd with AMP. We're going to talk about the #hotdrama about AMP with a couple of AMP experts.

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  • red

    I think its ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE. Google has a monopoly on so many things now not just search. I think this is jet about attempt to get into INDEPENDENT business.

    I am critical of Google anyway but I don’t want want to be forced to load a JS from Google and force JS on pages and then as a Thank you for giving in to their shit you get their stupid cache that is also forced on you and not have your sites URL in your visitors Browsers. No thanks! BUT I imagine this gets forked or some great people who will not work for Google or something better will come out of it. Meanwhile billions of stupid sheeps will fall for this BS.

    I am not used to browse the web on a phone but connections getting better not slower, there are other ways to improve mobile performance. I don’t like this at all.

    AND obviously this also is a way to create a ad haven for Google and others. Hopefully adblockers can correctly hide the elements without leaving white spaces. But this “AMP knows how the page is being rendered b4 it loads” sounds this could be tricky.

    I also not buy the “your not downranked without AMP” part. Google ranks site speed, and I bet their rate their own CDN fastest no matter what, so in that way you will actually automatically get a better rank for giving in to them.

    AND what is about style? Every site will look the same? I am just thinking “imagine every website looks like” what a sad boring Google web. But hey, its fast and Google controls everything yey!

  • jaymerica

    A problem I didn’t hear mentioned is how AMP pages alters the browser experience–at least on iPhones–and all for the worse.

    1) The scrolling speed changes. Whether it’s Safari or JavaScript doing it, it feels weird.
    2) The browser chrome no longer auto-hides as I scroll.
    3) Tapping the top status bar doesn’t scroll to the top of the “page” anymore.
    4) Safari’s Reader mode doesn’t work reliably. Just shows a snippet of the article sometimes or images are messed up.
    5) An extra fixed position or frequent-to-pop-out extra site name banner is added to articles. That seems fixable, and maybe it’s opt-out-able, but currently just looks like extra cruft when I click and AMP link.

    All these feel like a degraded experience. Considering that a generally good site–something like arstechnica–seems to load normal pages in about 2 secs on iPhone 6 level hardware, I’m trading way too much for generally small speed improvements.

  • I only zapped through but picked up some good points. I wonder what others here think about how AMP could be improved; I have collected some of my concerns in, suggesting that we’d need Google to share their thinking but that AMP otherwise “looks like a shot from the hip that may have been addressed more appropriately by involving other mobile-related efforts, specs, and groups.” (Disclaimer: I don’t have any affiliation with Google anymore, but am simply interested in the AMP effort and what we can learn from it for similar initiatives.)

  • Jörn Zander

    Great show. Good journalism!

  • Great show, convinced me NOT to use AMP…
    Sure it is fast and all, but it sounds like a huge amount of complications and restrictions…

    I will refer good ‘normal’ web development and smart caching, serving and minimized responsive images….

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