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We're talking 2016 and 2017 along with some questions from you: should you use a Javascript library that hasn't been updated in awhile? Streamlining WordPress development for a team? What's up with text-stroke? And how to handle traffic if you're running a music festival website in Finland - or anywhere else in the world?

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  • I just so happened to have done a deep dive into Vagrant, Docker and WordPress and wrote a blog article about it:

    TLDR: Use Docker Mac/Windows client instead. Here is a docker-compose.yml, once you have the Docker client installed, it works like a charm (it takes a couple seconds to boot at first):

    version: ‘2’

    container_name: mariadb
    image: mariadb:latest
    – ./env/mariadb/data:/var/lib/mysql
    restart: always
    MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD: wordpress
    MYSQL_DATABASE: wordpress
    MYSQL_USER: wordpress
    MYSQL_PASSWORD: wordpress

    container_name: wordpress
    – db
    image: wordpress:latest
    – “8080:80”
    restart: always
    WORDPRESS_DB_HOST: db:3306
    WORDPRESS_DB_USER: wordpress
    – ./wordpress:/var/www/html

    Then run:
    docker-compose up -d

    You can see the status of the build by typing:
    docker logs wordpress
    (it will not connect to the db till Docker is done installing Mariadb)

    I recommend just using the Docker Mac/WIndows client. Vagrant has some serious issues with NFS mounting local volumes to Docker containers. Its not really a problem with LAMP stack, but becomes hell when dealing with Node.js.

  • Paweł

    About express.js. It’s a routing/content library for node.js applications. What does that mean? You can define what should happen when communication to your server is done. It’s really easy to create REST api, static content servers, web handlers, web sockets, etc.
    From experience I would say that it’s solid. You can use it in new or old projects and it works.

  • red

    Wow why must everyone must be so FUCKING PC!

    What was Chris saying “Gendered version of racism” WTF of a brain melt was this?

    I mean call me racist now but what is this fucking forced quotas BULLSHIT! So go on start with 50% blacks, go on get 50% blacks on the show just to feel good about yourself, then you can tap yourself in a shoulder for being PC on “diversity”

    Really idiotic you get people on that you want to get on for what you want to talk about, because they fit the topics, are most experienced or whatever. You do not think about race, you not force it and just get lots of black people, women … in just for the sake of a stupid quota.

    Same goes for companies, the laws and PC brainwashing is so far out now that there are companies who hire women for jobs where better educated, more experienced … men are applying but they take women in just to meed quotas! This is what they got now with their stupid 3rd wave feminism. Its not about equality, its long past that. They have their privileged treatment now and they are caching in on it. But let me guess you think its great. Now you ended up with unfair treatment, thankfully more and more people get it.

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