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You asked us questions like: Can you leapfrog other people when you switch careers? Is Safari the worst browser for animations? Style guides, grid layout and how to think about it, freelancing and taking ownership of things, and of course what's the deal with HSTS? So we answered in this RAPIDFire Q&A episode.

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  • Tony Garcia

    Hey Guys. Great show. I wanted to weigh in on the guy who was changing careers. I changed careers to web/software development after 15 years in biotech as a research scientist, and I did it at an older age than 34 as the sole breadwinner in my family. This was before bootcamps were a thing so I’m pretty much self taught. I was able to ‘leapfrog’ the junior dev role. But I did it because for a few years before switching careers full time, I freelanced as a web developer on the side. I also threw myself head first into the dev community by blogging and going to meetups and local conferences and building my network. Those things helped me get clients, and eventually one of my clients (a dev agency) offered me a full time job. It was still a not-insignificant pay cut at first (biotech pays pretty well here where I live), but I got through it and within about 3 years I was up to making what I was making in my prior career. I’m very happy I made the switch as I have carved a good niche writing software at biotech companies, where I can make use of the domain knowledge I’ve gained in the industry from my prior career. So I’d say another thing to help you distinguish yourself against junior devs is to try to go for jobs in industries where you can make use of your experience in your prior career. If you’re a teacher, I’m sure there are companies writing software for education. Bottom line is that it can be done. Good luck!

  • red

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    On topic: BS4 Grid is not flexbox. I love it. I spend probably hundred hours build by own 1/2/3 column switching layout because I wanted to have a improved modern version of the classic holy grail layout but now I regret it.

    Now that BS4 is flexbox and I use the lib anyway its actually MY stuff that the bloat, even if quite small. I think I will open source it but I guess nobody will have interest in it.

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