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What are your thoughts on atomic CSS? Is responsive web design making traditional web design less important? How should you animate between pages of websites? Does podcasting while wearing suits make for a better episode? It's a RapidFire episode celebrating our 234th episode.

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  • vedtam

    Guys, what you do is so grate, but sometimes your stuttering makes me closing my browser long before I get to the end of the episodes.

    • Jason Neel

      Stuttering? I’ve never really noticed any stuttering…

  • Lawrence Francell

    Hi Gents, I was tinkering with this thought of ‘less than 3sec load time over 3g’ vs. the massive JavaScript Apps.

    I think most of the frameworks load an app into an HTML element on a default ‘index.html’ from the server. Within that element ‘div#myapp’ in the DOM we could load some “pre-app” content.

    No more than a tiny background (SVG preferably or image) and some Text. A simple, lightweight bit of content that is “above the fold” and passes the Google page load metrics and the minimal CSS etc.

    This might improve Time to Interactive if we had a simple bit of content and a link to a contact sub-page or some CTA… it also gives any possible non-JS web surfers some kind of fallback display/CTA.

    The content in the ‘app’ element would then have a gentle or even transparent transition into the actual Ember/Angular/Meteor/React App.

    Here is a Horrible app demo
    webpacked react app replaces the div#app content – in Chrome, inspect and throttle the network.

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