231: Book Writing Panel

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We’re back talking books and we’re joined by 4 other technical book authors to discuss why we wrote a book, figuring out where to start, whether writing takes you out of the game, and should you write for fun or profit?

Q & A

  • 7:30 Why did Brad Frost write a book?
  • 10:40 Why did Richard Feldman write a book on Elm?
  • 13:00 Simon King: why a book about industrial design?
  • 15:40 What was Val’s path to writing a book about web animation?
  • 18:40 Should you be an expert first and then write a book or become an expert by writing a book?
  • 31:50 Was it the process of writing the book worth it?
  • 43:40 Does writing a book take you out of the game?
  • 54:40 What’s the difference between a book and a blog post?



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