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RAPIDFIRE pew pew! We follow up on vertical rhythm with Tim Brown, talk data storage options on the web, charging for refactoring, A/B testing, and when to get a lawyer involved.

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  • Tim Brown

    Dave and Chris, thanks for sharing my thoughts. I wrote this related article for Dear Design Student, called “Math is not God: Do not fear, do not worship”:

    Loved Chris’ point about considering context as you decide on a scale. Think about multiple elements, multiple layouts, and white space relationships among elements as they flex.

    Also loved Dave’s GitHub example and general type nerdery. Know what? It doesn’t matter whether GitHub used a modular scale for its typography. What matters is that it feels great. Modular scales reliably give my work that great feeling, so I use them. YMMV.

    Love the show, guys. Thank you so much for doing it!

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