211: Rapidfire 58

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It’s a RAPIDFire episode – Chris and Dave answer your questions as quickly as they can before the gun goes off. Too many tools, comp sci vs programming, vertical rythym, version controlling WordPress, self-employment, div-itis, and mobile email client performance issues are just some (ok all) of the topics covered.

Q & A

  • 1:42 What has perplexed me though are the tools out there like Bower, Grunt, Gulp, Yeoman, Browserify. Can you give me a generalization as to where I would put these in my workflow and their purpose?
  • 11:08 What are the differences between computer science and programming, and is it important to learn traditional computer science to do web app development?
  • 14:50 Have you ever paid attention to vertical rhythm and modular scales when setting type sizes, line height and positioning in your web layouts?
  • 22:30 But I’m wondering everybody’s method for using git to version control WordPress. Do you prefer to only version control the theme? Entire WP install? Any tips?
  • 29:00 What’s your advice for any Front-End Developer before becoming self-employed and what was your greatest hurdle becoming a self-employed developer?
  • 33:40 What approach would you take if you wanted to vertically center text on top of a responsive full-width hero image?
  • 39:10 My question concerns working remotely, specifically some of the challenges faced i.e. should I use a recruiter, contract work, job boards to watch for such work.
  • 43:10 I’ve just started to learn web development, and have a question about the proper use of div tags in an HTML file. Is there such a thing as using too many divs?
  • 48:40 Is there a script or server-side tool that I can use to prevent certain desktop-only assets from being downloaded to mobile clients when at lead-time?



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Job Mention

  • Jeremy Smith

    Hi guys. I really enjoy listening to this show every week, but this week seemed like it hit home a bit more for me because pretty much all of the questions were about things that I’ve been thinking about lately. So thanks for putting on a great show. I was wondering why, when you were discussing how to vertically center text over a picture, you didn’t mention setting the following styles for the txt: position: absolute, top: 50% and transform: translateX(-50%). With a position: relative set on the photo or container of the photo. Are you familiar with this method and think that it’s not a good choice? Or are there just so many ways to do this that you didn’t list this particular option? Just curious. Again, thanks for another great episode.

  • Tim Brown

    Some follow up on modular scales, vertical rhythm at the beginning of Rapidfire 60, episode 218: http://shoptalkshow.com/episodes/218-rapidfire-60/