208: Rapidfire 57

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RAPIDFIRE #57! !pew! !pew! 15 minutes on Favicon issues – need we say more? Ok how about versioning a major website rewrite? Developing an idea for a talk? Arguments about AMP? Front end devs feeling like back end devs? WordPress and WooCommerce issues? !pew! !pew!

Q & A

  • 2:46 What is the impact on performance when including all favicons? What is current best practice?
  • 17:23 I have a question on website versioning, say you have v1 of a site under source control and want to rewrite that site. Would you create a new repo for the rewrite or somehow tag the current as v1 and add the files for v2?
  • 22:30 I would love to speak to people but am having a hard time figuring out what would be a good topic to pitch; I’m afraid I am just re-interpreting previous ideas/talks.
  • 32:00 Is there a plugin or a setting to load images before the WooCommerce JS plugin?
  • 37:55 What are your feelings about AMP pages? Do you think AMP pages will have “staying power”?
  • 48:36 I was hired as a front end dev but based on the amount of php I’m writing these days, I’m starting to feel like a back end dev. What’s the line between front end dev and back end dev?
  • 54:05 Do you think tacking on additional items to the WordPress post object is a good idea or a bad idea?



Braintree 52:40

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Rollbar 29:24

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