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RAPIDFIRE!! Pew Pew! SXSW hot tips, how best to handle website prototype build handoffs, the search for a better boilerplate, what the heck is the section tag for, and online IDE vs local development. PLUS Chris' Dr. Claw impression.

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  • codeview

    Lmao. What’s happening at the end of this recording? Good stuff.

    • Jason Neel


  • Leonardo Baptista Lopes

    Hey guys, I always loved the show, but I think you should do some fact checking on some questions beforehand. Document sectioning (outline) is a serious concern for machine reading, specially for accessibility, as it provides faster and more assertive navigation for screen readers, and I think the question was addessed a little misleadingly, as sectioning was basically dismissed as hard and “not important”.

    Also, I think the very question posed by the listener was a little misguided. The fact that a section is not a generic wrapper (and should not be used only for the purpose of styling) does not mean it shouldn’t be styled. Separation of concerns works here: the tag itself is semantics, but styling is a whole separate matter.

    I hope I didn’t seem rude, and that you don’t take me to be like so; I just wanted to emphazise how the quality of your answers, however irreverent, is the main reason I listen to you, and I think it’s the same for many, so I hope the quality keeps always up.

    Cheers from Brazil!

  • Jon McLaren

    Hey Chris, I suggest checking out CodeAnywhere, it’s an online IDE that I think might just surprise you with what an online IDE can actually offer compared to an offline one. I use CodeAnywhere all the time for client projects and prefer to use it when I can. They also have cool features like dev boxes which allow you to quickly and easily fire up vps’s to test and dev sites.

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