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This week we have another RAPIDFire episode digging way back into the question archive to answer questions about stolen SVGs, getting started writing for the web, dealing with small styles, the best library for DOM manipulation, and Dropbox Driven Development.

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  • Pierre


    Good episode you mention React as a jQuery replacement and while I don’t entirely agree with that point I see where you’re going with it. (I see jQuery more as a utility library like underscore and React as a true framework but I digress)

    Anyhow this is going to be another one of those “hey what about framework X” but I hope you’ll read through to see and decide for yourself.

    Have you ever used Vuejs? It shares lots of common ideas from Angular and React but the core idea is it provides coding/design hybrid folks a very fast way to get things up and running. I’ve used angular (learning react) and the famous angular learning curve was real. It took weeks to grok everything. Vue was accessible within days, almost the entire library. To me this makes it closer to a jQuery replacement than React would be. At least in it’s vanilla version.

    While vue starts small it can be expanded with added modules to add routing, services and eventually a complete component system like other frameworks. Eventually it can become just as robust as Angular and React. But you still have the benefit of just quickly adding it to your page with low overhead if you want.

    To be fair pleas read through this page for more details:

    Also Jeffery Way is a huge fan and has a free series:


  • Just wanted to add that their is an answer for the question asked at 9:10 about getting your JS files to concatenate in the correct order on a CSS-Tricks article about Gulp for Beginners ( ) …In that article the author uses the gulp-useref plugin which looks for special tags surrounding your links to your JavaScript files and them concatenates them based on the order that the JavaScript files are written in the HTML …it then creates a concatenated js and modifies a built HTML file to link to that concatenated JavaScript file…I tried it and it works well…

    • chriscoyier

      Ah yes! Very sweet!

      I wonder if it could even be configured to leave the individual scripts alone in dev (good for debugging) and bundle them in prod (good for performance).

  • chriscoyier

    Ah yes! Very sweet.

    I wonder if it could even be configured to leave the individual scripts alone in dev (good for debugging) and bundle them in prod (good for performance).

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