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195 With Brenna O’Brien

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Brenna O'Brien

Web // Twitter

Brenna is a front end engineer at TED.

Show Description

We're joined by Brenna O'Brien who works at TED and also helps with NodeSchool. We answer some of your questions with some of our answers before getting in to a discussion on the cost of frameworks.

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  • Jason Neel

    Man, working for a organization like TED seems like it’d be a sweet gig…

  • Mark Lanham

    ok, so I’m a bit behind with listening to these episodes but wanted to mention my experience with SVG icons. You can actually create your own custom SVG icon set at which is cool. This means you can use your custom icon font the same as you would with FontAwesome for example. Meaning all your favourite CSS selectors can be used; font-size, hover colour etc. Worth checking out if you haven’t done so already.

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