192: With Whitney Hess

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We’re joined by Whitney Hess, UX and empathy coach, and she helps us answer your questions about jobs, leveling up skills, finding a mentor, and becoming a freelance designer.

Q & A

  • 24:00 I am looking to change careers. I just find things I like on dribble and build them on my own using sass through the command line. I understand git. Is it time to man up and apply. Is there always a feeling of I don’t know enough?
  • 26:18 I don’t want to work with advertisement for the rest of my life, so I still want to build my web-development skill-set. Moreover, I like it. I want to be a web-developer. So what to you guys think I should do?
  • 30:42Do you guys know of ways that older developers looking to move into a new technology can get mentoring on this new technology, besides Googling like a madman?
  • 40:34 I’ve been a web designer for a while, and have always wanted to use it. Do you have any tips on becoming a Freelance Designer?



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Job Mention

  • Jacob

    I’m really not looking forward to webdev turning into a more traditional trade governed by standards bodies. I feel like the “wild-west”ness of it makes it a more accessible career. I wouldn’t have been able to become a dev if I had to pay for a $900 certification exam to get hired.