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RAPIDFIRE 53 Sass on remote servers, Dave's rysnc workflow, styling tooltips, leveling up as quick as Dave and Chris, archiving annual sites, poor performance with JS, minimizing requests in WordPress, modernizing legacy CSS, SEO, and more!

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  • “RSS, the lazy man’s Twitter!” Yes! Couldn’t agree more. Thanks a lot for this show, it’s always full of great content. I think that this one was one of the best (and I’m not even done listening to it)! Cheers!

  • 3:40: I did a smilar thing on the server running a compile on the Sass whenever there was a deploy/pull for the server by git. Reason why: clean git history, solves the merge conflicts and it’s SUPER COOL! The downside is that there is so much stuff has to be kept version controlled on the server, ruby, gems, nodejs etc..

    Great episode anyway!

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