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RAPIDFIRE 53 <pew!><pew!> Sass on remote servers, Dave’s rysnc workflow, styling tooltips, leveling up as quick as Dave and Chris, archiving annual sites, poor performance with JS, minimizing requests in WordPress, modernizing legacy CSS, SEO, and more!

Q & A

  • 3:40 I’ve never considered running Sass on the remote server – but is this the optimal way to go about it? Do people really process their Sass files on the remote server? What are the pros and cons of this workflow?
  • 12:20 I was interested in hearing more about Dave’s rsync workflow to deploy his site.
  • 17:20 What is the best way of styling tooltips? Google doesn’t come up with much. Have things moved on at all since the last CSS Tricks article about it in 2011? It seems very complicated for a much needed and simple effect.
  • 23:24 How do you guys seem to level up so quickly? I have been focused on learning JavaScript, jQuery, and PHP for a while now and, for whatever reason, I cannot get to that next level of understanding.
  • 28:55 I work at a public library where we help put on an annual event that runs for a few months. Each year the event has a different theme. The site gets a few thousand visits during the course the event, so I’m weighing how much time/effort I should really put into this.
  • 34:38 I have some JS running on a page every 300ms to do…stuff. I’m worried that it’s going to result in some kind of poor performance, but I’m not sure what to look for. Buffer Chrome Timeline
  • 38:13 I’ve had a problem keeping the navigation in place when dealing with items with slightly different heights, I think this make for a better UX do you have any advice on keeping the pagination in place?
  • 41:00 We use WordPress for all client sites and have pretty efficient gulp setup with sass compiling and concatenation. But as soon as you start to use a few wordpress plugins that all come with their own scripts and stylesheets the whole “Limited http requests” is out the window. Is there a way to get our theme to intercept the plugin scripts and stylesheets and combine them with my own and that way limit the amount of http requests?
  • 43:19 We have a ton of legacy CSS. Is it worth the time to reverse engineer any of this to Sass? Are the CSS to Sass tools good at this? What is your experience modernizing legacy CSS?
  • 50:48 How much of SEO do you take on, how much do you contract out?
  • 58:50 How can I build a portfolio of websites that show that I’m a capable front-end dev when most job listings seem to have an endless list of requirements that I feel I’d never be able to encapsulate alone as one person?



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Job Mention

  • “RSS, the lazy man’s Twitter!” Yes! Couldn’t agree more. Thanks a lot for this show, it’s always full of great content. I think that this one was one of the best (and I’m not even done listening to it)! Cheers!

  • 3:40: I did a smilar thing on the server running a compile on the Sass whenever there was a deploy/pull for the server by git. Reason why: clean git history, solves the merge conflicts and it’s SUPER COOL! The downside is that there is so much stuff has to be kept version controlled on the server, ruby, gems, nodejs etc..

    Great episode anyway!