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It’s RAPID-FIRE time again and this week we’re A’ing your Q’s about local WordPress configs, feeling like an imposter, Atom’s packages, file paths on Windows, style guide dictatorships, and so much more.

Q & A

  • 2:28 One thing I’m finding difficult is to be able to read other people’s code which is pretty much unavoidable.
  • 9:53 I have a question about managing your local WordPress setup. For awhile, I have used just one WordPress install and one database and then I switch to whatever theme I am working on at the time. Do you have separate installs and databases for each project?
  • 14:10 What is the cure for imposter syndrome?
  • 20:45 I am enjoying my time with Atom’s text editor. But one thing that has me a little confused is adding syntax highlighting. I have read some tutorials but it seems a little complicated. I am looking to add syntax highlighting for HAML. Any advice?
  • 27:40 Dave, what are you doing about managing file paths in your applications? Have you run into any problems with Node dependencies choking on trying to find a file using ‘/‘ instead of ‘\’?
  • 32:40 I’m the lead developer at my small shop of 14 people so I’m always trying to come up with cool ways to make the team for efficient and bring everyone’s skill up. I recently was thinking about implementing coding style guides to help unify our code.
  • 40:00 What are you thoughts on declaring a language in an HTML document? I’m fairly new to web design and I am trying to determine how important it is. Also, where should it be declared?
  • 45:06 Could you briefly talk about the different apps that you can use to install Sass?
  • 49:48 I have a client that is pushing for there site to have the top scores on PageSpeed Insights. It calls the CSS BEFORE the head tag. Is this some way of improving speed or tricking Google Insights from throwing the “CSS above the Fold” issues?
  • 55:55 What do you think about open source JavaScript photo galleries around? Which are the best? Galleria or maybe new PhotoSwipe?



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  • chriscoyier

    Just tried it and it worked for me, so more details would be good. I’m going to delete both of these comments because they aren’t related to the content.

  • Jason Neel

    Regarding the imposter syndrome discussion, I personally can’t recommend the writings and presentations by Denise Jacobs (http://denisejacobs.com) on the topic, specifically her A List Apart article and talk called “Banish Your Inner Critic”. I struggle with this immensely, and Denise’s advice helps, although I feel like I do have to constantly remind myself of what she has to say on the topic.