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Show Description

Another RAPID-FIRE for you this week; nothing but questions from our dear listeners and answers from your favorite podcast's hosts.

We answer questions about hosting client sites pre-launch, CSS animation libraries, dealing with burnout, merge conflicts, deploying Wordpress sites, code portfolios, the importance of blogging and where you should publish your content, metrics to consider when re-designing a website, working with Wordpress's REST API, and more.

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  • awesomephant

    Is the secret subdomain you mentioned?

    • chriscoyier

      It is! But I’m afraid we’re going to have to lock that down. It’s pretty far from ready for user testing. If you’re interested in being a tester though, lemme know.

  • Doug McClure

    You should use the sound bit of Dave saying “pew pew pew” as your new rapidfire clip. Great episode!

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