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166 with Lisa Irish

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Lisa Irish

Web // Twitter

Lisa is the founder of This Little Light and Paul Irish's mum.

Show Description

We have a very special guest this week – Lisa Irish!

Lisa is the proud mother of Paul Irish, a Googler who is kind of famous for working to make the internet better. In this episode, she shares stories about raising Paul, her experience with setting up a blog, why she wanted to start a website, the challenges of online publishing, and more.

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  • I wish to have a mother that familiarised with technology like Paul’s mother. Super cool talk as always guys. Lisa is fantastic as well.

    I tried to explain my mother couple of times what I do for living but for her is still something totally ununderstandable. She can get part of design because its quite similar to Windows Paint App (one of these that she is ok with) but when I’m starting about code part, thats like a story from different universe for my mommy.

    Looking forward to next one.

  • KennethTries

    Thanks for this episode! Lisa sounds like she would be a great client to have! Loved the interaction. Keep up the great work and can’t wait for the next podcast.

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