163: Rapidfire 43

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We hope you like Rapidfires cause we got another one for you this week!

We answer questions about taking over a web service, if you should focus on building a team or a product first, carousel sliders, the merits of cover letters, grid systems, Flexbox, disruption in the web design industry, and more.

We talked about (roughly in order):

Q & A:

  • 2:51 I have the opportunity to build a “new and improved” product for a pre-existing web service, with over 1,000 paying users. The original company has no desire to pursue this product and will share the majority of the profits if we take over operations, so upon launch we will have over a 1,000 customers to convert! But, my business partner thinks we should focus on building a company before the product. What would you focus on first? The company or the product?
  • 11:28 On the show, you reference Owl Carousel quite a bit. This is a great plugin & as worked seamless for my projects. Problem is, I’m looking for a plugin that don’t invoke any libraries or jQuery dependancies. Any recommendations?
  • 19:32 What do you guys think about cover letters?
  • 24:15 What are your thoughts on using a typography style sheet partial?
  • 30:52 I’ve never found much use for grid systems because I prefer to hand code my layouts. Recently I discovered Susy and I’ve started to change my mind. I’m curious what you guys think about Susy and what kind of grid system, if any, you use?
  • 38:43 Is thegrid.io going to replace web design?
  • 47:57 What’s your take on using “data-ng-value” (or “x-ng-value”) versus just using “ng-value” on your markup? The former is better for wc3 validation, but does it matter in the long run if you stick with using the latter? Are there any major repercussions, aside from getting a whole lotta red when validating your HTML5 markup?


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  • hello guys, thanks for answering my question about cover letters – http://shoptalkshow.com/episodes/163-rapidfire-43/#t=19:32 and sorry for poor grammar there )))

    I totally agree with Dave about social media thing, because everything is already there 🙂

    In my understanding in form of cover letters, companies also want us to stress how in love we’re with them (which probably is a guarantee for them that we’ll work in more creative, passionate ways) before going to interviews.