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157 With Alex Russell

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Alex Russell

Web // Twitter

Alex is a developer at Google working on Chrome, Blink and the Web Platform. He's also involved with the W3C and ECMA TC39, the standards body for Javascript.

Show Description

Alex Russell is a developer working on Chrome, Blink, and the Web Platform Team at Google in San Francisco. He also serves on ECMA TC39 (the standards body for JavaScript) and the W3C Technical Architecture Group.

He took us on a deep dive into the future of the web, web components, standards, and more.

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  • This stuff is deep. Can you reference how our existing websites can be improved to value 2015 with front-end layman terms? Or is the web just smart enough for front-end developers to not be needed? Give my job to Square Space and I careers?

    • Actually as I continued to listen to this I feel encouraged.

  • I see this as eventually front-end web development is super web app able eventually so WYSIWYG becomes it. I guess my freelance is losing credibility, but at the same time at the moment I have clients that need me.

  • It sounds like being able write html and css will still be needed for inevitable future? Please say “yes”?

  • Babe Truth

    Very interesting stuff this guy is working on. Seems like a real smart dude, and the tech he is producing truly does seem to be very relevant going forward, but I wasn’t much of a fan of his approach to the interview. I’ll curse all day, but I wouldn’t go into a podcast interview just assuming that’s cool (apparently it isn’t, really, based on the editing), and give money to JSBin? Lol, I’ve heard Chris get trolled like this on other podcasts but that didn’t seem intentional. Maybe I’m all off, but this guy didn’t seem to know what he was getting into?

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